Why is home grown terrorism increasing in India? Give some innovative solutions to end the ‘Kashmir crisis.

Ans: Home-grown terrorism presents a new and more difficult security challenge for India.  Local terrorists can strike more easily than foreigners and melt more easily into the general population. But a heavy-handed crackdown risks alienating the country’s 140 million Muslims, who make up 13 per cent of the population.

Some experts suspect that the government’s decision to develop closer ties with the United States may be helping militant groups recruit Indian Muslims.

“There is a certain anger against the United States, against the government of India for its policies,” said Bahukutumbi Raman, India’s former counter-terrorism chief. “So some Muslims are more responsive to the propaganda coming from al-Qaida.”

Indian Muslims are being recruited into terrorist networks that have spawned a surge of deadly attacks across the country, forcing the country to acknowledge the reality of home grown Islamic terrorism. Reports suggest that terrorist modules and sleeper cells exist in some of our urban areas, all of which highlight the seriousness of the threat.