Despite ISRO achieved many breakthroughs, still scientists in ISRO are used to go-to temples before launching the satellites. Is it correct in a rational world especially when it is against to the “Develop Scientific temper” A fundamental duty.

It is true that pujas are conducted before ISRO launches, and even priests are invited to ‘sanitized’ areas to do so.  It’s a shame and it’s the wrong signal – that we have less confidence in our scientific temper and more faith in some unseen power.

It is religion, it is irrational, it is fear and faith based, which should be kept at a personal level, and worst – it is unscientific.  This should have no place in any organization which relies on scientific knowledge and the pursuit of more, through research.  The time wasted on this is also paid for by the tax payer, so at some level, it is also illegal.

But on the other side of the coin, if by spending some small amount of time and money (which is not paid by ISRO, presumably), no matter what the activity, puja or feeding stray dogs, doesn’t matter, they deliver what they’re supposed to deliver, then one can request them to kindly keep this matter out of public eye.

In their personal space and time, scientists can of course have other pursuits, religious or spiritual or whatever, and of course there need not be conflict, but bringing those things into an endeavour collectively endorsed and sponsored by a secular nation, is wrong, morally, intellectually, and spiritually.

The approach to launch satellites and explore space is not through meditation, is it?  It is through rational processes, by sending probes, getting data, and figuring out how to use physics, engineering, mathematics and measurable, verifiable, repeatable, recordable processes that define progress.

If a 300 crore launch goes wrong, can our scientists blame the wrath of Lord Vishnu for a crash, put that in a report, and forget about it?  If not, then they should keep their damn religious nonsense out of their workplace

 The first objection, is that this was probably the most ridiculous thing done to ensure the safe journey of the orbiter. Are your calculations not correct? Then nothing can save you. If they are then why pray? Doing a haven will not change anything in the orbiter mid-air. And if you pray and something does go wrong, we dread to think who is to blame.

Indians are guaranteed by the constitution to practice whatever ludicrous beliefs they might harbour. However, this cannot be done in official capacity by a government official. This is blatantly unconstitutional and against the spirit of Directive Principle of scientific temper.