Importance of Library / Reading Room in Civil Service Preparation

Now a days lakhs of students/aspirants  prepare for UPSC- civil service examinations across the country. Many of them spend hours together in libraries to realise their dream career. Many young aspirants, both men and women, spend time in these libraries with their heads bent over their books, newspapers, journals, and furiously make notes. Little more than chairs, tables and desks, these are the rooms that provide them comfort and  cozy feeling to understand the complex concepts and absorb the current affairs  and general knowledge besides enjoying the silence and mindful meditation. 

With the competition hotting up and the big clock hanging on the wall which chimes every hour reminding them that they could afford no distractions and disturbances, the determined aspirants hardly looked up from their books and notes. Even during lunch hour break, they huddle together and discuss a national issue that nagging the public over a cup of tea or coffee. This is a scene from the library of Takshasila IAS Academy’s Benz Circle campus in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh.

“ The atmosphere at my home is not good to prepare seriously. So many
deviations and distractions . Mine is a joint family. My mom and other members of the family flock to TV to watch their favourite Telugu serials that loaded with heavy dialogues and breathtaking action scenes. But atmosphere in my library was so congenial that I put extra effort to crack the exam,” says Priyanka Kandakatla, an aspirant at the Takshasila IAS Academy.

Mr Varma, who cracked the mains and is awaiting to  face the UPSC  interview board within a two months’ time, says “ I changed my body clock. I sleep moderately and eat a small meal and then I am off to the library to discuss and devour current topics and country’s current economic crisis”. The library provides much solace to me, he adds flipping a page in a modern history book.

Dr  BSN Durga Prasad, the Director of the Takshasila IAS Academy, says that his academy is planning separate discussion rooms and even offer mentors. “Interaction and intermission are a very significant part of the preparation. You know where you stand when you discuss with others. And these discussions help build confidence,” the young entrepreneur says.

Those aspiring to join the elite all-India services,  the library at the academy is a best place to study and seep in the knowledge. The management  has taken a special care to equip it with a variety of newspapers and journals including Yojana, Kurukshetra,Frontline, pratyogitadarpan and Civil Service Chronicle besides an array of NCERT books.  Mr IrshadShaik, an aspirant of the Takshasila IAS Academy, says that he finds peace and ambiance in the library. “It enhances my discipline and concentration skills,” the young lad avers.

The Vijayawada city, which is emerging as the hub of civil service coaching giving a stiff competition to its counterparts in Hyderabad and Delhi , has a number of good libraries like Sarvottam Granthalayam, Takshasila Library, Tagore Memorial Library,  Sri V Hanumatharaya Granthalayam and State Library to mention a few.