Is it important to take coaching to crack civil service exam?

The most important dilemma civil service aspirants face is whether they need coaching to crack the toughest exam. There are divergent views on this pertinent question. There are some people who argue that  coaching merely helps you and it does not ensure a rank or success.   They say that aspirants’ self study, consistency and the hard work they put in sitting at their study table matters far more than what you do in coaching classes.

These people say that coaching constitutes not more than 25 or 30 per cent of your preparation.  They believe that Internet truly democratized the information and  made it accessible in rural and remotest areas. Recently, a civil service topper from Rajasthan said she entirely depended on Internet to gather and gain knowledge instead of going to coaching institutes in Delhi.

But many have an opinion that coaching and mentoring is a must to cope with  psychological and emotional problems of the aspirants. They say the coaching institutes create a community of aspirants and friends from similar field, a place to grow, an atmosphere of dedicated aspirants for group study and the centres help you find a mentor and motivator. The human touch is most important and you get it at coaching institutes.

Whatever you do great, whomever you meet great, they should have had a teacher in life. That teacher need not be the teacher in school or college. It could be anyone , anywhere and of any age.

Takshasila IAS Academy Managing Director Dr BSN DurgaPrasad  says a decent coaching institute provides two most important things to civil service aspirants.  One is guidance and another is knowledge. The Takshasila IAS Academy provides best coaching classes in Vijayawada . It has experienced staff, awesome foundation, incorporated preliminary and Mains testing and an undeniable library with round the clock Internet. Personalized  attention on students, affordable fee and a fine success rate are the other unique features of the academy, Dr Durga Prasad said.