How to study and remember important points in an atlas while preparing for civil service exam?

An excellent command over world map is very important not only for geography aspirants but also for others as it helps in understanding General Studies.

Understanding GS will become a cakewalk once you achieved a command over the atlas.

Follow the practice like this:

Take a A4 sheet and try to draw following physical features .

Oceans and important seas.

Important gulfs and bays.

Important islands and trenches.

Important mountains and hills.

Important deserts, plateaus, plains and rivers.

When you read important places and cities our leaders are visiting in newspapers and magazines, immediately you locate those places on maps. For example, world business leaders are visiting Davos in Switzerland for a summit meeting, you should locate Davos in that country.

It would be better if you paste world maps and maps of India on the walls of your room, it may be bed room or bath room. Allocate 30 to 40 minutes everyday for spending with atlas.

Once aspirants achieved a grip over atlas, they will easily understand the concepts in subjects like  geography, culture, history and even current affairs.

The important thing the aspirants should remember is that when somewhere they read or someone mentioned a place or city, they should have a mental picture of that place or city immediately. For example, a teacher/colleague mentioned about Damascus, it should immediately come to your mind where that city is there in Syria.

It would be wise to explore the continents one by one. Start with North America because it has only three countries only. Draw a political map and locate important cities and capitals in those countries.

After North America, move to South America and then to Africa, Europe and Australia. And finally go to our continent Asia which is so vast and spend some time locating significant physical features. For easy identification, the aspirants can divide the Asia into East, West, South and North.

Oriental Black Swan Atlas for competitive exams / school atlas will help the most. (This is provided to every student of Takshasila IAS Academy)