Ex-DGP visited Takshasila IAS Academy. What is the message by him? How far it helps the students?

Guest speakers are an important part of civil service coaching.  They are meant to enhance the aspirants’  educational and professional experience. Guest speakers relate their real-world life experiences which immensely help the aspirants to face tough and challenging situations they may encounter during their civil service career. Keeping this in mind, coaching centres like TakshasilaIAS  Academy frequently conduct  guest lectures to expose the aspirants to real-world life situations.

Recently, the Takshasila IAS Academy invited the then Director General of Police M Malakondiah to its Kanuru campus to deliver a guest lecture.  The message, delivered by him highlighting the importance of pursuing one’s own passion and working on it to serve the society, immensely benefited the students as he laid the emphasis on systematic planning and shrewd work to succeed in the civil service exam.

The motivation Mr Malakondiah intended to provide to every student sitting over there was not just by a means of his golden words in the form of a texted speech but by the string of his own life experiences he faced at every step  right from his preparation for civil service exam to the bitter circumstances he faced in his tenure as an IPS officer.  He portrayed two sorts of trends of career growth, a politically aligned one where there is a steep rise followed by a steep fall when the political environment changes, contrasted with a politically neutral one where there is a slower but steadier rise.

Not only that, he even asked the students if they were prepared to pay the price to follow the righteous path. He launched into a short account of his professional life to demonstrate the sacrifices one might need to make. “One needs to have changes in the structure of the police for the nation to progress. A change in structure, a drive for modernization and freedom from political stranglehold is required,” he added.

Mr Malakondiah’s guest lecture has left the aspirants spellbound and his golden words had profound impact on them for months together. “He gave me much needed inspiration and motivation.  I had many doubts lingering in my mind. But after this guest lecture, many cobwebs have been cleared,” said Veera, an aspirant of the academy.  “I was struggling with depression and anxiety due to heavy pressure.  Mr Malakondiah’s speech served as a whiff of fresh air. His inspiring words helped me to ward off anxiety and provided a much needed relief,” echoed Greeshama, a student with a rural background.

Takshasila IAS Academy Managing Director Dr BSN Durga Prasad said that the academy had roped in a number of distinguished  civil servants, senior bureaucrats and prominent academic professionals to deliver as many as  guest lectures.  “Our teaching methods are meant to understand the basics and encourage the aspirants to question the facts and concepts rather then just accepting them blindly,” He added.