Coaching For Civil Service Examination – Importance


Civil service is a dream career for many young and ambitious people.  Every year, lakhs of people apply but only a few hundred succeed.  Coaching institutes  play a significant role in guiding and mentoring aspirants.  Tackling this stupendous task  without coaching institutes is not possible for all. Only a few can achieve their goal without receiving any coaching.
To crack the much coveted civil service exam, diverse and thorough knowledge is required.  Usually they have knowledge only in their respective subjects which they studied at graduate and postgraduate level.  In this connection, coaching institutes give right direction and impart relevant knowledge to the candidates.
 Coaching institutes like The Takshasila IAS Academy in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh  offer right pedagogy and impart innovative skills that are a must to analyse the various burning topics like demonetization, Goods and Services Tax and Triple Triple Talaq Bill.
And one need not go to far away places like Delhi , Hyderabad and Kolkata  to gain quality coaching  now a days. Cities like Vijayawada are emerging as a hub for civil service coaching where there is no dearth of experienced  faculty.
 Takshasila IAS Academy Managing Director Dr BSN Durga Prasad  said that his institute had taken maximum care to complete the syllabus prescribed by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in a time bound manner. Completing the syllabus in time and mastering over it will boost the confidence of the aspirants, he said.
 Regarding knowledge delivery, we hire expert subject and domain specialists to take care of getting relevant information reached the minds of the aspirants, he said. The academy exclusively  appointed subject experts to clear the nagging doubts of candidates., the Managing Director said.  These experts motivate, mentor and monitor the candidates’s progress and dole out useful suggestions and put their unfounded worries at rest, Dr Prasad added.
The coaching institutes commission subject experts and prepare relevant study material and organise practice tests regularly to keep the candidates’ morale at higher level.  The feedback given by the experienced faculty will help the aspirants to know where they stand.
The Takshasila IAS Academy, which has an impeccable track record, values the money and time of the aspirants.  “Parents pay their hard earned money as fee and we are aware of it and strive to do justice to it,” said Dr Prasad.  “We offer a number of scholarships to the economically poor and backward sections of the candidates,” he added.

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