best study material for civil service exams

Which coaching institute  provides the best study material  for civil service exams?

   The Takshashila IAS Academy study material  is one of the most simple and easy to learn notes on any subject. Our mission is to  make learning  an enjoyable experience.

      You need standard study material to learn many subjects maintained in the UPSC syllabus. 

       If you are a serious civil service aspirant, one of the first things you do is to make a list of books and other study material for your UPSC exams. This is no easy task. They are countless books available  in the market for all subjects  which promise success  in the civil service exams. You would be spoilt  for choice. But beware, do not buy and study any book from the pile.  And also do not buy any and all of the books you can get yours hands on. Apart from being a waste of money, this can also leave you frustrated for not being able to read all of them.

      Avoid this scenario  by selecting Takshasila IAS Academy study material  which is prepared by a panel of experts handpicked  by its Managing Director  Dr.BSN Durga Prasad.

Therefore, reading the Takshasila IAS Academy study material saves your time as well as money. The entire study material follows the UPSC guidelines and help you become a competent IAS officer.

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