What are the advantages of choosing Degree plus IAS and Inter plus IAS courses in institutions like the Takshasila IAS Academy?

Ans: The Takshasila IAS Academy offers right guidance and strategies to the aspirants in the first year of the degree itself so that they clear the exam in their first attempt.  The eligibility criteria for the CSE is 21 years and a degree in any subject. Even final year students of degree can also apply for Preliminary exam. But the problem is many aspirants miss this early opportunity and launch civil service preparation very late ( after post-graduation or engineering) dimming their chances of success.

If you think logically, reasonably and seriously, college is considered to be the best and ideal place to launch civil service preparation with earnest.  Those who study degree plus IAS in institutions like Takshasila IAS Academy in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh have much brighter chance to crack the country’s prestigious examination.  The energy, enthusiasm, sharpness of the mind coupled with congenial environment of the college will definitely pave the way to enter portals of the civil service corridors.

If you study degree along with IAS, that would give ample opportunities to clear the exam and the bonus is the aspirants enjoy the thrill and happiness of campus life too. Coaching institutions like Takshasila IAS Academy take enough care to provide stress and strain-free environment that stick to the cardinal principle of learning in a joyful and cheerful atmosphere.

Another advantage of pursuing degree plus IAS is that the three-year course will give the aspirants to prioritize the things. Aspirants learn only what is extremely important and avoid other useless stuff.

Dr BSN Durga Prasad, Takshasila IAS Academy Managing Director, says a best coaching institute gives two utmost things to civil service aspirants.  One is guidance and another is knowledge. The Takshasila IAS Academy provides best coaching classes in Vijayawada . It has experienced staff, awesome foundation, incorporated preliminary and Mains testing and an undeniable library with round the clock Internet. Personalized  attention on students, affordable fee and a fine success rate are the other unique features of the academy, Dr Durga Prasad said.

The subjects the candidates study during the four-year engineering or any technical course do not help them much in the civil service exam,” Dr Prasad says. “Since degree plus IAS course lays strong foundation stone, these students will have much better chance to crack the civil service exam compare with those who studied engineering,” he adds.